On Thursday, 28 November, we- class 9c- celebrated Thangsgiving with our teachers.

In the first of our two lessons Mrs Schäfer’s class already decorated room 255. Together we created a homely and pleasant atmosphere by putting up some flowers and preparing the huge buffet. The girls painted the blackboard and bid Mr Lichthardt’s class welcome.

At last, the party was about to begin. Leonie and Tatia started off by giving a speech about the Thanksgiving tradition in the U.S.. That time of the year is an important holiday for Americans. All families come together in order to spend a wonderful evening rich in fun and food. Supermarkets are overcrowded because everybody needs to get the last few items for the Thanksgiving dinner. That is traditionally made with a lot of fresh, luxuriant and delicious food. Which leads to the next item on our party agenda: the buffet. Suddenly the classroom was filled with hundreds of different scents: the sweetness of pancakes, the warmth of biscuits, and especially the spicy and exotic smell of original Indian curry. It’s no wonder that we all dug in!

During the meal we watched an episode of the series “King of Queens” and answered some quiz questions. The winner of this quiz got a sweet prize.

Unfortunately, we had to clean up the room again to soon. But with everyone’s help it was done in no time.

Finally I’d like to thank the organizers, our teachers, and everyone who brought delicious home-made food- we’d love to repeat the party!

Tim Becker, 9c